What WE Beleive

In the real world privacy protects us and lets us be ourselves so that we can build more meaningful relationships. This is the type of privacy you can expect on Wynbi. On Wynbi, you are in control of the content you share and the content that is shared with you. We believe that Ads are the enemy of your privacy and experience; therefore we have chosen to not host advertising.

We did not create Wynbi to make a statement against other social networks because many of them have value. We created Wynbi to give you what we believe is a more human way to connect and share online. If you are tired of Ads cluttering your experience and would prefer not to have your information mined and sold behind your back, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Wynbi. We are the social network where you can feel free to SHARE freely.

Create, connect, and share your own experience here.

Photo Sharing

SHARE Freely, SHARE Often.

SHARE privately

Every photo you upload on Wynbi is private until you decide who you want to SHARE with. This helps ensure that you never accidentally SHARE with someone you wish you hadn't.

SHARE thousands of photos for free.

Instantly SHARE photos or entire albums with the audience of your choice.

On Wynbi you can upload as many photos as you want and because everything is private you can safely store your entire photo library so that it is always at your fingertips should you get the urge to SHARE.


We believe that the photos you SHARE should never come back to haunt you. We have all SHARED moments that we wish we could take back, and now you can.

On Wynbi you are always in control of your content and you can take back the photos you SHARE whenever you want.

SHARE with just friends and family, SHARE privately with select contacts and no one else, SHARE with just your network or SHARE some photos publicly.